Increase Your CD4 Count

+650 points to your CD4 count. CDs should be +-1000.

1. DETOX: Research has found that a common denominator among cancer & disease sufferers is that they have compactions in the intestines and impaired livers as a result (“Cancer” by Burton Goldberg & young again by JOHN THOMAS). Detoxing refers to cleansing the body of toxins. Listed above are pointers to clean the body of toxins and to avoid toxins. Hulda Clark suggested that all cancer stems from the intestinal fluke, a parasite. REMLAX, PARAWAY and REMEDY take care of parasites as eggs are laid in organs and 68% in the intestinal wall. Re-infestation takes place monthly as full moon pulls eggs out hence monthly clean up imperative. Eggs can lie dormant for up to 35 years.

2 Drink only FILTERED WATER out of glass – it minimizes the intake of toxins, bacteria & heavy metals and 80 000 pollutants. drugs residual, Prozacin is in all water. there are over 2 000 carcinogens & u are 70%+-H2O

3 Don’t eat, drink or store food in PLASTIC, it leaches isopropyl alcohol and p-nonylphenol with estrogenic (xenoestrogens) effects that feed cancer and suppress the libido (this stuff is in all your toiletries to). Cancer cells in plastic Petri dish grow rapidly in glass they will remain dormant. Glass only.

4 Cooking oils. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil only. Don’t touch oils that are in plastic, soya and canola are a definite no no ,U can run your diesel on them . These are disguised in many forms such as Rama margarine etc most are GM rape seed. Butter ,only if you have to and very little.

5 All foods must be ORGANIC (living food) full of oxygen, not processed (dead) foods. Some supermarkets now have halaal/kosher also very good (no tins). Herbicides, Pesticides = Cancer. Peal all fruit & veg 70% toxins in skins. Banned pesticides in Israel equal dramatic decline in breast cancer in 10 years

6 ELIMINATE SALT, & alcohol, as well as toothpaste, perfumes and cosmetics, anti-perspirants block lymph system, the underarm was designed to sweat by the creator, call for natural alternatives.

7 ELIMINATE SUGAR and high glycaemic index carbohydrates, Studies indicate high insulin levels stimulate the growth of colon and prostate tumours.(cut the sugar) Keep glycaemic index below 55. Sugar also leeches minerals from the bone causing bone density to drop. Because of pollutants in refined sugar it is a highly aging carbohydrate.

8 PH LEVELS of saliva should be around 7, to 7.45 lower than 5 is conducive to Cancer/disease, check weekly with litmus paper. PH levels of 7 or higher are vital and food has to be adjusted immediately to ensure correct ph levels.

9 HOT BATHS with ¼ cup Epsom salts best to flush the lymph system. Do this twice a day. Do exercise before get heart to 90 beats. See our exercise chart or walk, swim. Your skin excretes 20% of the bodies toxins, 30% come from the scalp and under arm. DON’T BLOCK under arm with toxic under arm deodorant, call for non toxic.

10 MERCURY is the most toxic substance on earth; 40% of amalgams are Mercury, this depletes the immune system and needs to be professionally removed, get all teeth fixed that harbour bacteria. Replace with hard composites. Approximately 4% of the populous have root canals yet 90% of cancer sufferers, have them removed. Clean teeth with Citro and 5 drops anti bacterial, wood tooth pick no floss, Continuous exposure to electric currents as occurs with amalgams stresses the endocrine glands decreasing the activity of the immune system and will enhance certain viruses and bacteria, contributing factors to tumour development. (It’s a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria).,,,

11 COOK in enamel or glass, DON’T MICROWAVE as it converts L form unusable amino acids to unusable D form. A double whammy micro-ing plastic it then leeches twice as fast, blood counts can drop from 43 to 27 just by not eating and drinking from plastic. Cook in pressure cooker with glass inserts, reduces cooking time to 1/3 and is best. Retains nutrients. Use silver cutlery only. NO TEFLON cooking. perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA),DUPONT march81. All organic fruit and veg has genetic structural information to support the immune system energy pathways and therefore anti aging properties. Rather undercook because heating destroys this information to a large degree this is how your herbs function.

12 EMF: Do not wear digital watches or use Cell phones (emergency only). Check for EMF’s in your life. After doing all the 6 month detoxing, it is then important to DETOX WEEKLY weeks until shrinkage of tumours and blood counts have receded. Do CHELATOR caps am daily for 120 days. Precursor hormone therapy is essential; the body absorbs tinctures better. DHEA 20mg & GH release. Ha Saw, Wild Yam:

13 The most important breakfast; check out our BREAKFAST formula on page 9. Use it forever. Contains Inositol Hexa Phosphate (IP6), Omega 3 and 6, roughage/fibre, all essential for the prevention of Cancer. Add 1 TBS ozone olive oil extra detox. Very important.

14 HOT CASTOR OIL packs can be put over the tumour sight, this helps to dissolve tumours and aid in pain relief. Do this 4 hours each day. Caprylic acid appears useful, one teaspoon twice a day. Very important. (MCT/Medium Chain Triglycerides) Binds and chelates also TAKE ONCE A MONTH by mouth CASTOR OIL 1-2 T/spoons. This is vital & is the best cleanser.

15 EDTA chelation therapy 200mg per day a.m., removes heavy metals and calcium from plaque in blood vessels, releasing toxins. Use Epsom salts heaped teaspoon every 4 days to flush, should you feel queasy use day on day off. Other H M D detox substances include L.Cystine, Methionine (prevents oxidisation), binding heavy metals, Creatine L.Glutathione, L.Glutamine, L.Tyrosine, L.Taurine, vitamin C (8 grams), B2 (300mg), B3 (100mg), vitamin A (10 000 iu), betacarotene (30 000 iu), vitamin E (1 000 iu), (all anti oxidants) Psyllium and digestive bran taken 3 times a day with oats and a teaspoon of olive oil also detoxifies. Herbs see our liver and kidney cleanses.

16 FATS store toxins. If you loose weight you release toxins and blood markers will go up till stable, especially manmade tampered oils hydrogenated and margarine, don’t touch. When these go rancid due to DNA alteration (from chemicals and Oxygen depletion from bad fats) in the cells, this can cause cancer. Use only cold pressed olive oil. It has numerous benefits, known to aid in releasing toxic substances. 2. ACIDOPHILUS is important to reduce carcinogenic bacteria in the intestine. 3. Avoid all POLLUTANTS, chemicals (cleaning agents), paints, air freshener, dirty air filters, gardening and household chemicals. Avoid all X-rays radiation scans or any drug you would not use if healthy. See page 3 of our brochure for pollutants. It’s important to keep lean – men who are 35% overweight are 40% more likely to develop colon or prostate cancer.70% of drugs are consumed by fatties! Use 10% fat in diet. No more.

17 ZAPPER: – This needs to be used 15 minutes morning and night for the removal of parasites, bacteria, fungus and viruses. Use Epsom salts and 20 drops remlax immediately to detox bowel if u don’t flush in 3 hours, repeat, (if you feel queasy from toxin release.)

18 OXYGEN: cancer can’t live in the presence of oxygen. The easiest form to use is NaClO2 stabilized oxygen, ozone bags; call for info,. MSM+C (1g x 2), DMSO2, DMSO, ozone O3 (ozonation of water and olive oil, Ozone generator in house ). Deep breathing for 10 minutes is imperative along with aerobic exercise. Keeping plants in the house and office will increase oxygen uptake and increase positive energy. Potassium iodite has an affinity for oxygen and encourages cell respiration and oxidation. Supplement 1 gm per day. As does germain.

19 READ the Do’s and Don’ts list in our brochure and Fat Do’s and Don’ts, fat stores toxins, reduce a must. But go slow

20 HERBS, Essiac is an alternate formula that has been successful for years (essentially a kidney and liver detoxifier) Ginkgo Biloba, fennel, increases blood circulation detoxifying chemo. Others are Siberian Ginseng and Cats Claw. (Definitive Guide to Cancer) W John Diamond MD. St Johns for anti viral.

21 Broccoli seeds SPROUTED contain sulfurafane/nitrilosides chlorophyll and enzymes, which are proving very potent anti-cancer and anti oxidant substances, Dithiolthione is an indiole that assists in toxic cell release and replacement of peroxidase, very important in detoxing, assists cells to remove pesticides, herbicides, heavy metal and other chemicals, other sprouts wheat, alfalfa, oats, beans, pumpkin, peanuts, sunflowers, barley, rye, soya, chick peas, sesame seeds, millet +- 3gm p/day etc. into soup and salads daily for enzyme, a must is to pour olive oil into a glass spray bottle, you use less oil for salads. ALSO H M D REMOVER.

22 VACCINATION need to be looked at with caution, go to the net, they will give a positive HIV test ?. Experts say children suffering autism and gut disorders have the same strain of the measles virus in their bowel, blood and spinal fluid as the one used in the triple jab Stay away from products that suppress the immune system. See Healing Codes by Horovitz if you are not convinced. While incapacitated, they are definitely out. use ANTI-VACCINE. TO NEUTRALIZE

23 PARASITES The current thinking is that the virus needs a host and that host is the parasite therefore if the parasite is eliminated, viral counts will come down and CD4s will go back to normal, (normal being CD4s around 900 and viral around zero). Eliminating parasites is not difficult but it is imperative that herbal anti-parasitics are used every Friday (Remlax) after the initial 4 months clean up period. Parasites lay eggs in the intestinal wall (+-86%) and the balance in organs and even muscles. These eggs can lay dormant for up to 5 years. If we can find a solution to neutralising eggs, that will be essentially the end of Aids.(as we know all viruses are in eggs not just H I V ) Cloves kill parasite eggs dissolving egg casing and finally parasite embryo. Remember cloves, etc can be used for cooking and are extremely inexpensive.

24 WORK STRESS & AGING Research indicates it exists and is the result of the sum of all the stress to which a person has been exposed during a lifetime Each period of stress especially if it results from frustrating unsuccessful struggles leaves irreversible chemical scars which accumulate to constitute the sign of tissue aging, biological wear and tear, creating brown spots on the surface of the skin which clog the brain and minerals around arteries and around the crystalline lens of the eye showing up in elasticity of connective tissue as a result of oxy stress and free radical damage. How well you adapt to stress is vital. Stress depends on not what happens to an individual but on the way they react. Adaptogens such as Propolis, Ginseng, B17 support high levels of stress.

25 ELECTRIC BLANKETS There is serious indication that pregnant women sleeping on an electric blanket can contribute to birth defects in unborn children. What is it doing to U for someone else’s profit

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